My Classic Car: Grandma’s well-loved ’63 Buick Special

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My grandma’s 1963 Buick Special has never left Broome County, New York. She took extra measures to make sure her car was well-loved and maintained in pristine condition.

1963 Buick Special

When the forecast called for rain, she would take the bus and leave her Buick Special safely tucked in the garage. And if it did ever get caught in the rain, it would get wiped down once it was under shelter.

She never sat directly on the seat but on one of those rugs you put down in the front of the kitchen sink.

The paint is mostly original, and when it chipped on the side, she would have that repainted.

1963 Buick Special previous owner
Todd’s Grandma and previous owner of the ’63 Buick Special

I’m told that my grandma only allowed my dad and mom to drive her Buick Special — the car was off-limits for her other children. It’s no surprise that my Dad is now the proud owner.

Jokingly, I asked my Dad back in 2000 if I could take the car to a local cruise and he surprised me by saying yes. My instructions were that I could drive it within a 30 miles radius, but I was not allowed to take it on the highway.

Unfortunately, the brakes’ master cylinder went bad along with some other minor issues last year and the mechanic left the car outside until all the parts came in.

I hope someday the Buick Special will be passed down to me, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my 1966 Corvair convertible.

— Todd Brown, Johnson City NY

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