Bondurant adds NHRA 9-second licensing to drag-racing course

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Acceleration addicts have a new incentive for excelling in the Dodge//SRT Drag Racing course at the Bondurant High Performance Driving School, which has added an NHRA-approved “9 Second” driving program leading to a 9 Second license from the drag-race sanctioning group.

“Those who successfully earn their license can compete in NHRA’s 9 second quarter mile category and become members of the Bondurant 9 Second Club, earning exclusive official membership gear and the bragging rights as a member in a club of elite racers,” according to a Bondurant school news release. 

The NHRA licensing comes in addition to the SCCA road-racing license that students can achieve in other Bondurant school activities.

“We’re the first driving school where students can earn their SCCA road racing license and a coveted NHRA 9 Second drag racing license,” said Mike McGovern, chief instructor at the Bondurant school, located in Chandler, Arizona.

“We worked closely with Chuck Sundstrom, a respected NHRA driver, coach and track operator, to develop this exclusive curriculum. Not only will our students race away with their NHRA credentials but become part of the exclusive Bondurant 9 Second Club.”

Bondurant’s 9 Second NHRA license curriculum is an add-on course available during the standard Dodge//SRT Drag Racing program, the release says.

“Following private, one-on-one instruction, each driver will run a minimum of two eighth-mile passes, and quarter mile passes behind the wheel of a dedicated, race-fuel Dodge Demon. Students who successfully complete two passes in under 9.99 seconds or reach a speed of 135 mph twice, will earn their NHRA 9 Second license.

“Students are also eligible to earn their NHRA 9 Second license if they complete one pass in under 9.99 seconds and one pass at a speed of 135 mph.”

Sundstrom noted that the Bondurant program is a unique opportunity.

“The chance to earn your 9 Second NHRA license behind the wheel of a production Dodge vehicle, at a dedicated driver-training facility with private instruction, is unprecedented,” he said.

The Bondurant school will manage the NHRA membership and license application process for each student who successfully completes the course. The price tag for taking the Dodge//SRT Drag Racing course, earn their 9 Second license from the NHRA, and become members of the Bondurant 9 Second Club, is $2,599, plus NHRA application fees.

The Bondurant school is the official driving school of Dodge//SRT, and is the only purpose-built driver-training facility for performance enthusiasts, and the largest driver training center of its kind in the world, according to the company.

For more information about the driving school and its drag-racing program, visit Bondurant’s website.

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