Driving change: Lamborghini podcasts feature women who have overcome

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I’m guessing that you’ve never heard of Nathalie McGloin, unless you’re really attuned to the sports car racing scene in the UK. But I’ve just spent about 20 minutes listening to her amazing story in an episode of the new Lamborghini FAB Talks podcast series.

Listening to McGloin’s story, “When the heart races,” reminded me of what NPR calls a “driveway moment.” You know, you’ve been listening to a story while driving and rather than turn off the car when you get home, you sit there with the engine running because you cannot bear not to hear the end of the story.

McGloin’s story is one you’ll want to hear, about how she was left paralyzed after a car crash, determined to continue with living to the fullest, discovered wheelchair rugby and then her passion for racing cars, and for sharing that passion with others, even though she once came close to quitting.

In addition to launching Wings for Life, a spinal-cord injury charity, McGloin heads the FIA’s disability and accessibility commission.

She also is part of Lamborghini’s Female Advisory Board project, an effort established by the automaker in 2018 “to create a dialogue between women across the company, customers, and amongst an entrepreneurial and successful international group of influential and successful females,” according to Automobili Lamborghini. 

“Each is a challenger; successful in overcoming personal challenge; and united by a drive to change perspectives and drive positive change, now and for the next generations, regardless of gender, social class or circumstance.

“Providing an inspirational insight into each woman’s personal journey, the podcasts provide support and advice for others who may find themselves in parallel situations, and who identify with the pioneering and dynamic spirit of these women and Lamborghini.”

But you don’t have to be a woman or have an interest in Lamborghini to appreciate these stories, each told in a podcast that runs for about 20 minutes. 

In addition to McGloin, women sharing their stories are:

  • Michele Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association
  •  Kristin Gilkes, a crime-fighting mathematician
  • Denise Yeung, mother, racing driver and head of a Hong Kong real estate company
  • Natalia Itani, Dubai-based entrepreneur
  • Natalia Aranovich, Brazilian-born Los Angeles lawyer
  • Zena Kaddour, creative director of House of K’dour, Australian-based luxury jewelry company
  • Olga Iserlis, founder of Adagio Events

The podcasts are available on Apple, Spotify, Google and Stitcher.

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