Pick of the Day: ‘Too Kool for School’ bus

Credit: Original article published by Classic Cars Journal.

If you always thought you were “too cool for school,” do we have a Pick of the Day for you. It’s a 1947 Chevrolet school bus that proclaims “Too Kool for School” as it travels on down the road. (Sorry, would-be buyers, the bus just sold, but we find it so interesting that we’re sharing its story nonetheless.)

The bus is advertised on ClassicCars.com by a dealership in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, which notes this vehicle originally was titled as a station wagon, until the Kowalski Customs Company got involved.

Kowalski apparently added the rear “box” from a 1986 Wolfington school bus to the 1947 Chevy wagon to create a vehicle for a driver and 12 passengers.

“All excellent, with modern conveniences, a new engine, and a complete restoration,” the dealer notes. “Your story of walking miles to school in shoes that were passed down from your siblings just went right out of the folding entry door.”

The dealer points out a blackened grille and bumpers, a front-hinged hood, rounded fenders with chrome bezel headlamps, and chromed front wheels with large wheel nuts in the center, “just like the big guys.” Rear wheels are dualies.

The bus has tinted windows and the rounded back looks much more like the late ’40s than the mid-’80s, and still with an emergency exit door and flashing lights.

Inside, there’s the driver’s seat, with overhead controls for lights and air conditioning, and with that handy door-handle mechanism.  Each of the 6 vinyl-covered bench seats are designed to hold a pair of occupants.

“Please be reminded,” the dealer notes, “you will be stopping at all RR crossings where the folding door will be opened to complete the STOP/LOOK and LISTEN requirement.”

The bus is powered by a 350cid Chevy small-block V8 with a 4-speed automatic transmission and Dana 60 rear. 

Under the bus, there is “some surface rust, some patina, but overall a solid frame and floor pan and a big fuel tank on back. A like-new exhaust system is snaking its way towards the back through independent coil spring suspension up front and leaf springs in back. Power disc brakes are on the front, and power drums are on back.”

The dealer adds, “It’s not every day one gets to drive a 1947 Kool Bus, so I hopped on and fired it up. It sprang to life effortlessly, and it was off to my route and picking up the kids. Nice smooth acceleration, good solid braking, and quick and responsive power steering allowed me to handle this fairly large vehicle with ease. 

“All lighting was working, and I was able to hold up traffic on main street for a good solid hour with my every block stops.”

The dealer is asking $34,900 for the bus. To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.

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