Celebrate Jeff Zwart’s Porsche 935 Pikes Peak Run With This Gorgeous Video

Credit: Original article published by FLATSIXES News.

When Jeff Zwart announced he’d be headed back to Pikes Peak for another run up the mountain in a bone-stock Porsche 935, we got extremely excited. While he hasn’t raced on the mountain in a few years, he’s still an incredible talent and has won his class numerous times in Porsche vehicles. This year being an extremely weird year, Zwart actually had a chance to take the overall victory with the international participants sitting out due to coronavirus delays and travel restrictions. The three fastest cars in pre-race qualifying were all Porsches. It looked like it would be a battle between the GT2 RS Clubsports of David Donohue and David Donner and Jeff’s mechanically identical 935. If you had asked us before the race if we thought a Porsche would win overall, we definitely would have said yes.

Unfortunately, after Donohue had a tire failure half-way up the mountain, and Donner put in a respectable, but not-fast-enough time, Zwart’s time was ultimately disappointing. While I know his 935 didn’t have nearly as much set up and tune time as the Davids had in their GT2 RSs, I was truly hoping that the 935’s more impressive aero would help Zwart to an overall victory. How great would it have been if he’d managed to turn in a 9:35 in the 935 to win overall?

In any case, he did a lot more than I did this summer with his racing career, so I if I don’t have anything kind to say I should probably just shut up. It’s commendable that Zwart made it back to the mountain for another attempt. It’s awesome that Road Scholars stepped up to offer their 935 for the program. It’s even better that Mobil 1 chose to fund the whole thing. And the end result isn’t a victory for Porsche, but that’s okay because we have this amazing video from Will Roegge as a consolation prize.

Put it on the big screen, turn it up, and enjoy the next five minutes of your life to their fullest.

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