Another retro EV emerges from UK

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RBW Classic & Sports Car is a British restoration shop that specializes in MGs, Triumphs and Jaguars, and now it is taking yet another step by launching the production of re-production electric vehicles inspired by those vintage classics.

The first to be unveiled is the RBW EV Roadster, which is inspired by the MGB of the 1960s. RBW EV Classic Cars said the Roadster is produced by combining brand-new body shells from British Motor Heritage with a patented electric drivetrain. 

Production is scheduled to begin early in 2021 with a base price of £90,000 ($116,250). 

RBW managing director Peter Swain said the electric motor is positioned at the rear of the vehicle with the Hyperdrive Innovation lithium-ion power-storage battery system up front to provide ideal weight distribution. RBW said it has worked with Continental Engineering Services and Zytek Automotive on the electric drivetrain. Both are part of Continental AG, which provides its technology to the Formula E racing series.

RBW says the Roadster will have a range of 160 miles on its six batteries (with an option to install 2 additional batteries if the customer desires), a top speed of 80 mph and will accelerate to 60 mph in 9 seconds. 

Swain noted that the powertrain can be mounted in other vehicles, including the Austin Healey, E-type Jaguar, Mini and many more. 

“Each car can be built to the clients personal specification and requirements,” RBW said in its announcement. “The opportunities are endless and therefore safeguards the future of classic motoring.”

The initial Roadster will be custom-designed front and rear suspension using coil-over shocks. Regenerative braking also will be part of the package. 

Plans call for an initial run of 30 Roadsters. A fixed-head GT is in development as is a second re-creation model.

For more information, visit the RBW website.

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