Porsche Expands Its Single-Vehicle Subscription Service to Los Angeles

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As of September 25th, Porsche offers members of the Porsche Drive program an intriguing rental experience. Members are now able to distance themselves from the commitments of a lease and choose from a variety of current Porsche models for one or three months for an all-inclusive fee, excluding fuel costs. To sign up, individuals can download the Porsche Drive app available on Apple and Android devices to apply for membership.

It’s not an entirely new program. What was known as Porsche Passport has now been rebranded as Porsche Drive – Multi-Vehicle Subscription, and the shorter-term offering will be Porsche Drive – Rental. Similarly, the new monthly subscription program with access to one vehicle will be Porsche Drive – Single-Vehicle Subscription. More information on the differences between these programs can be found further below.

A large reason to expand this Single-Vehicle Subscription (SVS) service is the ability it’s had thus far to draw in new Porsche fans. Eighty percent of participants have been new to Porsche, many are younger than the average age for current Porsche buyers or lessees, and more than a third enroll for at least four months.

Accessing Another Massive Economy

This new option coincides with the expansion of its existing Multi-Vehicle Subscription and Rental programs to Los Angeles, the largest city yet to host the Porsche programs. For a glamorous city filled with talent regularly flying in and out, a rented Porsche would be a hot commodity, though only for for the temporary worker with deep pockets. There, a Macan goes for $245 a day, while seven days in a Carrera costs $2,415.

“If California were a country, it would be our fifth-largest market in the world. After bringing Porsche Drive to San Diego last summer, Los Angeles was an obvious choice to allow customers to experience a variety of Porsche sports cars and SUVs at the touch of an app. Now, in addition to our Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles track, LA residents or those visiting LA have another way to enjoy a Porsche,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA.

Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, and Atlanta are the current U.S. cities offering SVS programs.

Different Subscription and Rental Options in the U.S.

    • Porsche Drive – Single-Vehicle Subscription grants members access to a single Porsche model for one or three months, with concierge delivery and pick-up within the delivery area. When signing up for the program, members can choose from a variety of current model variants for their monthly subscription. After the initial subscription period, members can extend their membership in the existing model or choose a new vehicle. With the exception of fuel, all operating costs including vehicle maintenance and insurance are a part of the flat monthly fee (+ taxes and fees) that varies depending on model variant. Models and pricing are available here.
    • Porsche Drive – Multi-Vehicle Subscription is a monthly program that offers members unlimited vehicle swaps at the touch of an app. Cars are delivered and picked up by a concierge anywhere a customer chooses within the delivery area. With the exception of fuel, all operating costs including vehicle maintenance and insurance are a part of the flat monthly fee – $2,100 (+ taxes and fees) for the “Launch” membership that includes a variety of current model variants and $3,100 (+ taxes and fees) for the “Accelerate” level that adds higher-performing variants of other models to the menu, including the iconic 911.
    • Porsche Drive – Rental offers shorter commitments than a month, such as weekend getaways, date nights, or vacations. It is also app-based, with daily and weekly usage options. Customers retrieve vehicles from the participating dealership, and upon the completion of the rental, a concierge will pick up the vehicle within the delivery area or the vehicle can be returned to the participating dealership. Prices for Porsche Drive range from $245 (+ taxes and fees) for one day in a Macan to $2,415 (+ taxes and fees) for weekly usage of a 911.
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    Drive programs include deep cleaning of cars between users and social distancing at delivery and pick-up.

More details on these programs’ safety precautions can be found here.

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