FAST, EASY AND EFFICIENT: Registering to Bid is Easier Than Ever

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.


No paper, no printing, no faxing required! Beginning with the 2020 Fall Auction, individuals have the option to register to bid using a fillable Adobe PDF form. You can begin the process online by choosing which auction and which Tier you’d like to register for and entering some simple preliminary information, or contact the Bidder Department (email or call 480-421-6694) and ask for the form to be emailed to you. Still prefer the old-school way? No problem! Those who don’t mind a paper process can still download and print the registration forms and send them to us, just as you may have done in the past. Also, guest passes are now offered separately, so you can easily purchase as many additional passes as needed – just indicate how many you would like on your registration form.

PLUS: The Latest Technology for Online Bidding

For bidders not able to bid in-person at the 2020 Fall Auction, Barrett-Jackson has a number of ways to bid from the comfort of a home or office, including telephone bidding, bidding by representative or using our new online bidding platform. The new online process even allows bidders to place pre-bids before the actual auction starts! Online bidders can also watch our interactive live stream and bid on vehicles and automobilia in real time from a computer or mobile device as items cross the auction block. To take advantage of any of these bidding methods, simply complete an absentee bidder registration form, submit the same information required for on-site bidding and pay the bidder registration fee. (PRO TIP: It makes things run more smoothly if your information is received by Barrett-Jackson before the start of the auction on the day an absentee bid is to be placed.)

Click HERE for Bidding Options at the 2020 Fall Auction and register today!