Is The Most Basic Porsche 992 The One To Get?

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So, you’ve decided to buy a new Porsche. Good for you! But given all of the incredible choices available on the Porsche dealership lot these days, how are you possibly going to pick one? Might we suggest a bare-bones stripped down 992 Carrera? Over the last handful of generations, the bigger and more Grand Touring the Porsche lineup becomes, the more I find myself drifting toward the most basic of cars. The standard Carrera with sport seats, maybe a sport exhaust, if you’re feeling fancy a metallic paint option, and no other boxes ticked. Try to keep it as inexpensive as possible. That’s where they really get good.

Ostensibly the 992 Carrera starts under $100,000, but once you add delivery charges and whatnot, it’s over the six figure mark anyway. Toss on two or three grand in options, but not much more than that, and you’ve got a really interesting proposal. What else can you get in this price range that would be more fun? Okay, yeah, maybe a brand new 4-liter Boxster Spyder or Cayman GT4, maybe GTS? but if you’re really Jonesing for the 911, those mid-engine brutes won’t cut it.

Our friend Motoman might have found a pretty good example in this bright yellow press car. This one could do without a few of these options, as it balloons the price way above what we’re looking for, but you don’t really need lane change assist, do you? Keep your head on a swivel and what’s behind you isn’t important anyway.

I’m torn on the 20 and 21 inch optional wheels. One the one hand, I do like them. On the other hand, they’re an $1800 option. For $1800, I could be well on my way to a set of great aftermarket wheel and tire packages for a truly unique 911 driving experience.

So, sound off in the comments below. If you were going to spec a base model 911 Carrera, what would you fit it with?

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