992 GT3 and GT3 Touring Spied Testing at Monza and the Nordschleife

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Those distinctive nostrils and telltale rear wing make this the likely successor to the 991 RS.

Donning a mule’s disguise for a few laps at the ‘Ring, what are likely the newest members of Porsche’s GT family suggest there’s a bright future ahead for the normally aspirated engine the increasingly girthy 992’s body. Based on the engine notes and the obvious bits bodywork seen here—so much is obscured by the black exterior—we can surmise that these are two variants of the 992 GT3—possibly the RS and the Touring models, if wings are anything to go by.

Whether the rear is topped by a subdued ducktail-style wing or the swanneck-mounted GT wing, both engines underneath emit the same high-pitched, raspy bark. No turbocharged whooshing, chirping, or muting of the engine note—no, this is a soundtrack only a high-revving atmospheric engine can produce.

Listening to those engine notes reveals a bit more about these two. Like the other RS models which came before it, this bewinged successor enjoys the crisp, error-free shifts offered by a PDK gearbox. Now, listen closely to the way the car without the big wings has a couple lazier shifts in the footage below (1:55 and 5:12), and we can safely guess that the newest Touring should come with a third pedal.

The other GT3 hallmarks are there: center-lock wheels, the widebody, and the central-exit exhaust, though it seems Porsche dispensed with the ducts mounted on the 991’s rear haunches for a cleaner, more traditional look.

What are your thoughts on these newest iterations of the atmospheric screamer?

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