Testing a 580-HP 996 Turbo In The Ideal Situation

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His tone and cadence is Jeremy Clarkson, and his fashion sense is James May. JayEmm also has a knack for finding scenic locations and vibrant clothing. Wearing a shirt more colorful than the countryside which surrounds him, he takes this mildly tuned 996 Turbo for a casual tour to extract the pertinent bits of data for a prospective buyer. Whether he intends to or not, he makes the unsung hero in the Porsche stable seem like the perfect weekend car.

Chunky Techart wheels and the OEM aero kit scream Mischief 3000.

As the nose bounces gently over the surface of this British B-road, the 996 Turbo changes direction well enough for 5/10ths-level driving—the kind this car is suited to. It’s not a chassis which rotates like a rally car without significant modification, but that’s just fine. Since it’s mated to a motor with the sort of driveability you’d expect from a tuned turbo verging on twenty years old, maybe it’s better to putt around in this GT until a long straight presents itself. As long as the turbochargers aren’t lit, the 996 Turbo can be pleasant and even plush.

Though, perhaps, it’s unfair to criticize the car’s handling much considering the modification path its owner took. The engine had larger turbos, a remap, and a a sports exhaust for 580 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. The engine pulls hard to redline, but does so in a progressive fashion which encourages the timid to try and enjoy all the flat-six has to offer. However, seeing as the suspension only received upgraded bushings and only the stiffer springs which come on the Turbo S. So, perhaps not the best balanced example of a modified Turbo.

With a modern suspension that can better handle a 38% increase in power, this 996 Turbo could be one of the more capable cars to cross a continent. Nevertheless, if it’s able to put JayEmm at ease in its current configuration, it’s fair to say that a 580-horsepower doesn’t have to be intimidating—even with a laggy turbomotor and some suspension past its prime.


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