Audi RS5 DTM Only Placed Fifth at Spa During First Ever Race

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Prior to this weekend, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the DTM race at one of the world’s most iconic circuits — Spa. Audi fans were particularly excited, as the Audi RS5 DTM was set to make its debut at Spa, having never raced there before. Now that the race is over, Audi Sport and its fans aren’t as happy.


Audi Sport driver René Rast actually qualified in third for the grid, which pretty good but then ended up falling behind soon after the actual race begun. Within the first few laps, Rast’s Audi RS5 DTM suffered tire issues and had to change them after only ten laps.


“I had a good start and I wanted to take it easy in the first stint,” said Rast. “But, at some point, the tires just gave up.”


Unfortunately, the tire change after the tenth lap didn’t help much. “The second stint was even worse, I did just six or seven laps and I said that I had to pit again, nothing could be done,” Rast continued.


Oddly, it was only another ten laps before Rast had to pit again, at lap twenty. Rast was also the only driver to pit twice like that, so he naturally lost a lot of ground and time. Thankfully, on his third stint, the car began to cooperate and Rast was able to fight back.


“The third set was very good,” said Rast, “and I was able to push hard all the way until the end.”


He ended up finishing fifth, which isn’t a podium finish but, considering how much of a disadvantage he started out with, it’s actually quite admirable. Despite his mechanical issues, Rast never gave in and he continued to fight through the end.


Hopefully Audi Sport learns a bit from this and prevents tires issues from concurring so early.


[Source: Touring Car Times]
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