Drones Will Help Audi Get You Your Car Faster

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Car enthusiasts very seldom think about the logistics of car manufacturing. Simple things like organizing the placement of finished cars at the factory can streamline production, make the process move more quickly and get you your car quicker. Audi is now going to be using drones to help it do just that.


Audi’s Neckarsulm plant is the brand’s biggest and most complex but, more importantly, it manufactures the largest variety of vehicles. Everything from the Audi A4 to the A5 Cabriolet to the A8 are all made in Neckarsulm, which can make post-production organization a bit tricky. However, Audi has a solution; to use drones to locate the cars.

 Audi A8 Production at Neckarsulm


Essentially, specialized drones can scan the parking lots where the finished cars are and, using GPS and RFID scanners, they can locate exact cars’ locations from above. This way, employees know exactly where cars are and can more accurately plan for their delivery. This sort of efficient logistics helps to get cars out of the plant and into the hands of customers faster.


“The fast locating of the vehicles creates even higher process quality and is a further stepping stone on the path to digital production. The drone provides support from a completely new perspective. We will now share our experiences with other Audi sites and within the VW Group,” explained Steffen Conrad, project manager in the area of Innovation Management at the Audi site in Neckarsulm.


Each car has an RFID chip that corresponds with its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the drone locates each and every car’s exact location. It essentially flies over all of the cars autonomously and just scans every single car. If needed, employees can remote control the drone and maybe pinpoint one specific car but, for the most part, it’s entirely autonomous.


This sort of tech just helps to make production faster, more efficient and, in turn, less expensive. That helps Audi increase its profits, which (should) then allow the brand to put more money into R&D, EVs and electric mobility.


[Source: Automotive World]
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