STEPPING UP: Griot’s Garage Takes the Car Show Virtual

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Written by Eric Becker



In the age of COVID-19 and physical distancing, a new normal has arrived. As many of our communities go entirely online, ambassadors and hobbyists have brought their passions with them. Gearheads are no different; we may be apart physically, but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing our machine-driven passion whether online or tinkering in the garage.

Griot’s took their Caffeine & Gasoline Car Show into the virtual world, and teamed up with automotive TV personality Chris Jacobs as guest host.

Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Griot’s Garage would routinely host “Caffeine & Gasoline” events the first Saturday of every month. No longer able to rub elbows with their fellow gearheads, the family-owned Griot’s Garage took the show online. “One of our favorite parts of this job is sharing our passion with others and just talking cars,” Griot’s posted on Facebook. “Without our Caffeine & Gasoline events, our weekends just don’t quite feel the same.”

The company has taken the ethos of Caffeine & Gasoline online via YouTube, hosting hour-long tours of Richard Griot’s eclectic personal collection, while the hosts engage and field questions posted by their online audience. Griot’s Garage took things a step further by extending an invitation for fans and followers to share their cars and have them featured on a virtual edition of Caffeine & Gasoline. Additionally, Griot’s YouTube channel has some exciting original content, including a duel between two iconic McLarens: the Can-Am bred M6A1 and its Marlboro-liveried heir, the 675LT.

Tutorials on the Griot’s Garage website include how to foam wash your car.

Griot’s also has been hosting a bevy of online tutorials on the ins and outs of automotive detailing. The tutorials highlight proactive ways to disinfect your car’s interior and offer nuanced approaches for “garage therapy.”

The tutorials highlight a bevy of the available products and thread the needle on the ins and outs of foam washing and how best to disinfect and clean your car’s interior. The Griot’s team proactively encourages “garage therapy” and has even made will-call curbside service an option at their flagship store in Tacoma, Washington.

Barrett-Jackson thanks our partner Griot’s Garage for keeping the car guy spirit alive and entertained in these difficult times. We look forward to celebrating the love of all things automotive – virtually or in the metal – with our friends in Tacoma and all over the world.

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