STEPPING UP: Adam’s Polishes Goes Above and Beyond

Credit: Original article published by Barrett-Jackson.

Written by Eric Becker



As the world grapples with combatting COVID-19, more and more people are stepping up against adversity and doing their part during the pandemic – including many of Barrett-Jackson’s valued partners. Combining its resources with know-how, the team at Adam’s Polishes have transitioned from producing car care products to disinfectants and sanitizers.

In a recent online statement, the company said, “Our team is working hard to provide products that reach beyond car care! With our chemical manufacturing capabilities and talented chemists, we’ve dedicated resources and worked with multiple agencies to move as quick as we can on a few key projects.”

Shifting resources and amending their manufacturing process, the company is now producing FDA-registered hand sanitizer and other essential products. Following the guidelines set by the WHO, Adam’s is sourcing isopropyl alcohol and other raw chemicals to produce the sanitizing agents.

With every second bottle of hand sanitizer sold, Adam’s was able to donate a third bottle to healthcare workers and first responders. Since March 19, the company has donated upwards of 12,000 bottles. “For us it wasn’t an opportunity to make money, it was an opportunity to help,” said VP of Marketing Matt Butcher.

Adam’s Polishes has donated several cases of cleaning agents to local emergency service workers and first responders across the country. From the NYPD to the Thornton, Colorado, Fire Department, first responders across the nation are receiving help from the team at Adam’s, who say they are “extremely proud” to show their appreciation for the heroes on the frontline during this COVID-19 situation. “We are thankful for their hard work and sacrifice to keep everyone safe,” the company said.

Barrett-Jackson thanks Adam’s Polishes for their continued work during these unprecedented times and extends our sincere gratitude to all those doing their part.

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