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Social media has expanded our reach into places otherwise rarely, if ever, visited. Each day, nearly half of the world’s population devotes an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes scrolling, liking, commenting and, yes, dreaming on various social media platforms. For the auto enthusiast, social media is a unique opportunity to learn, analyze, collate and document our favored automotive examples, from engine builds to one-off coachwork.

Just as the still lens and movie cameras of their day once did, video and advanced computer software now bring the world of the automobile to life with the click of a button.

In this day of “InstaBook,” we at Barrett-Jackson create social media content to sate appetites of gearheads everywhere. Barrett-Jackson’s social media platforms are many and varied, from curated collections of the rare and finest automobiles coming across the block, to ongoing builds and in-house restorations. We love to interact with our fans, whether it’s celebrating moments like the incredible charity sale of the very first mid-engine Corvette at our 2020 Scottsdale Auction or marveling at the technological know-how that goes into the latest Resto-Mods.

Ready to inject a little fuel into your Instagram feed? @barrett_jackson is here to help. We just crested the half-million followers mark and continue to grow. We’re betting you’ll put your phone down with a grin after checking out our Instagram stories or scrolling through our page. Find us on Instagram when you need a heady shot of petrol.

If you’re looking for some wrenching, then “Barrett-Jackson Builds” on Instagram is ready for you. We’ve recently added a new video series chronicling some amazing in-house builds, under the direction of master builder Jason Aker. You can find Jason and his team at @barrett_jackson_builds or follow #BarrettJacksonBuilds.

For a look into what makes Barrett-Jackson tick, follow Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. His feed, @craig_jackson427, is worth a follow. As the 427 tag in the name suggests, Craig Jackson celebrates everything automotive, from American Muscle to unabashed odes to speed.

Our Facebook page brings together the latest updates, videos, articles and more, updated daily with fun facts and trivia to stump even the most seasoned car nerd. We’ll post our latest events here and take you along with us as we travel around the country to the biggest and best automotive gatherings in North America. Think of Twitter (@barrett_jackson) as a curated Barrett-Jackson news feed, with bite-size bits of all things automotive and all the car eye candy you could ever yearn for.

So, join us and join your friends on Barrett-Jackson’s many social media platforms. Stay current, stay abreast and stay in touch with our digitally connected automotive world. In the coming months we look to expand your experience and include Barrett-Jackson’s ongoing commitment to charity auctions, events and adventures.

Come visit us and stay a while; gearheads are always welcome.

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